Decorate Your Student Apartment Near DePaul University Without Going Broke

It is easy to decorate your student apartments near DePaul University while on a budget. All you have to do is think outside the box when choosing your decor. You can find budget-friendly fall decor for your student apartment by keeping the following tips in mind.

Bring Some Decor from Home

One idea is to talk to your family about bringing a few pieces of fall decor from home. Your family may be happy to send you to your new apartment with extra garland, wall signs, or artificial pumpkins. This is a great way to dress up your student apartment as you shop for budget-friendly decor.

Bring a Little Nature Indoors

You can also decorate your student apartments near Depaul University by bringing a little nature indoors. Take a walk around the exterior to look for acorns, pinecones, twigs, and berries. Place these pieces in a glass bowl or vase to create your own fall centerpiece.

Paint Wooden Pieces for DIY Decor

Are you still planning to go shopping for budget-friendly decor? Why not choose seasonal wooden pieces and crafts to paint for your apartment? Most stores offer wooden craft kits at reasonable prices, and it is a fun way to add some DIY fall decor to your home.

Invest in Mini Pumpkins

You can also decorate by investing in mini pumpkins, which are available at pumpkin patches, farmer’s markets, and groceries stores at affordable prices. Carve or paint the pumpkins to add a personal touch to your fall decor, or you can leave the pumpkins to their orange and white shades.

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