Choosing the Right Colors for Interior Design in New Albany, OH

by | Feb 13, 2013 | Real Estate

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Many people are aware that choosing certain colors depicts certain information about feelings and personalities. When you perform interior design in New Albany, OH, it is important to evaluate the colors you are considering so you can make sure you are expressing the right idea in the room in which you are working. Understanding what some colors say about a room can help you make the best choices possible for the right impact.


Yellow is often a bright and cheery color. It exudes a sense of happiness in those who spend time in the room. However, it is important not to overuse the color because it can cause unhappiness in babies despite the fact yellow is associated with a positive environment. Yellow should not be used in a professional setting, but light yellow can promote joy and intelligence in any room of your home.


Blue is a color that is often associated with loyalty, faith and honesty. It has long been felt that blue has a calming effect on people and can even slow down the metabolism. The shade of blue you choose can impact its effect on the people who use the room. For instance, a lighter blue creates a sense of peace and tranquility, while a darker shade shows power and integrity, making it a great color for businesses.


Green is most often associated with new life and revival. It has also been known to provide a sense of security in interior design in New Albany, OH. The varying shades of green can provide you with many feelings, such as the promotion of emotional healing with an aqua shade to a soothing, peaceful feel for rooms that use an olive green.


The color red is known for being an emotional color that truly evokes many feelings in people. It can increase blood pressure and respiration, as well as metabolism, in addition to drawing attention and creating strong feelings of anger. For this reason, darker shades of red should only be used as an accent color. Lighter shades can be used to create a feeling of sensuality and romance, though.

Choosing the right colors for your interior design in New Albany, OH, is extremely critical to the success of your overall design. It is important to understand what each color can offer to a room and the people who will use the room, as well as which shades are the most appropriate. If you aren’t sure which colors you should use, a qualified interior designer can help.

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