Can Oklahoma Military Families Use Sell My House Fast Services To Sell Their House?

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Real Estate

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The date for your PCS is rapidly approaching, but your house hasn’t sold yet. In the months since you put it on the market, you’ve checked out lowering the asking price, renting the house out, HAP, and a short sale. Nothing. As you begin to pack to move to your new duty station, sell my house fast Oklahoma companies respectfully request you think about selling your house to them.

The Housing Market

The real estate market has its ups and downs from year to year. Recently, inventory has stagnated, forcing prices to skyrocket. The present trend in low inventory is due to rate seesaws and homeowners electing to age in place. The income to selling price ratio is part of the equation as well. There’s a reason your house hasn’t sold, and it’s the same across many markets. The sell your house fast idea is looking better and better. How does it work?

How It Works

Everyone has seen roadside signs advertising cash for your house. You’ll call the number on the sign and set an appointment with a sell my house fast Oklahoma representative. When the rep arrives at your house, you’ll discuss your new duty station, if there’s anything wrong with the house, and the price you want for the house.

The company rep will look the house over and the two of you will decide on the price. Closing should happen in about ten days to two weeks. You’ll sign the papers, receive a check, and you’ll be free to return to the house to finish packing. The word “fast” throws a lot of homeowners off, but it really is that simple.

You’ll make it to your new duty station on time with no worries about selling your former house. Don’t waste another minute with a For Sale sign in the yard. Contact W Properties to begin the home selling process.

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