Booking a Vacation Rental? 4 Mistakes Travelers Make

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Real Estate

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As the world starts living with COVID-19, vacation rentals are popular again. If you’re excited to book your first holiday rental in years, make sure you avoid the following mistakes. That’s one way to prevent disappointment and frustration when you make a reservation.

Not Researching the Location

Sure, it sounds nice. But knowing that the unit is one of the short-term rentals near the VA beach boardwalk isn’t enough. Find out more about the property. Where is it exactly? Having a vague idea of where it is can make it harder for you to find the address once you’re in town. Find out exactly where it is. Google Maps makes this easy.

Not Checking the Security

Before you book a rental, learn more about the neighborhood. What’s the crime rate in the area? Is the property safe? Have there been reported burglaries or thefts at the rental or in the area? If you’re staying for a week or month, you’ll be leaving most of your luggage at the unit. You need one that’s safe, so you won’t worry about leaving your valuables while you go out and explore.

Not Thinking About Transportation

Sure, a secluded rental property sounds ideal. But if it’s too far from everything, that will make it harder for you to move around. Instead, choose a place that’s close enough so you can walk or only take short drives. That way, you can also stay away from the crowds.

Not Reading the Reviews

Reviews provide information about the property. Some mention problems, and that gives you an opportunity to observe how the management resolves issues for guests. If you skip on those reviews, you could miss details that could help you assess the suitability of the rental. Responsive, positive feedback, too, can tell you if you’re on the right track.

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