Are Your Interested in Owning a New Condo?

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Real Estate

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While looking for a new condo, you can be overwhelmed by all the possibilities. There are so many different things to consider when looking at new condos in West Village. Here are 5 tips on how to find the right condo for you.

  1. Location. When looking for your new home, location is extremely important. Is this place close to all the things you need, like public transportation, your place of work, schools, hospitals, etc.? Is this condo in a noisy area, and will you be able to adjust your life around it?
  2. Type and unit matters. Looking at different types and units is extremely important to find the one that is right for you and your lifestyle. Looking at expanding your family? Make sure the building offers as many bedrooms as you need. Have a pet? This is another thing to consider while looking at different units.
  3. Utilize the internet. There are tons of condominiums out there, use the internet to find one that is right for you. Look at reviews and general comments about the building, ask around, and make sure that the management and building environment is right for you.
  4. Check out available facilities. See what kind of facilities the condominium offers. If a building offers many facilities that you don’t need or want, maybe check somewhere else. These facilities tend to up the price tag of the available condos. Also check the community’s facilities. Are there places close by that you would love? Or is it located in an area where you would have to travel to do your favorite things?
  5. Set an affordable price. When looking at new condos, make sure that you are looking at things you can afford. You may be able to make the down payment on that pricey condo, but will you struggle trying to pay monthly rent? Will it be hard to pay for maintenance if something breaks? Ultimately, will you be spending every penny you have, or be saving money?

Other Things to Consider

Does the condominium have any security? Or can just anyone walk in? Do you have a balcony, or does the building have some type of outdoor area? How’s the traffic in the area? Will it be too noisy at peak hours for you to keep your regular lifestyle? There are so many different things to consider while looking new condos. The help of a real estate agent may be what you are looking for. If have done some research and are ready to begin looking, The Shephard has many new condos in the West Village area.

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