A reliable Bend Commercial Property Management company can help you with applicable State laws

by | Dec 4, 2012 | Real Estate

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San Jose commercial property management companies offer a number of services for commercial as well as residential properties. These include industrial and office buildings, retail centers, apartment buildings, duplexes, fourplexes and condominiums, town homes and individual family homes. Rental properties need the knowledge and experience of a property manager who has hands-on, practical know-how of various housing regulations and State property laws. It is not possible for everybody to be aware of and also know these laws. Why carry the extra burden of managing your property when you can leave it to commercial property managers? You will have the peace of mind that your property is in the right hands.

What you can expect from your property manager?
There are numerous applicable laws when it comes to leases, rent control and rental property in different cities throughout California. You will need the services of a San Jose commercial property management firm, which is educated and deft at handling the different laws when you rent out your property. Your property gets maximum exposure and the chances of getting it rented increase considerably. A reliable company does the following for your vacant property:
Analysis of the market
Puts up “For Rent” signs
Lists your property on the Internet
Arranges virtual tours on a website
Screens tenants
Verification of landlords
Verification of Driver’s License
Verification of Income and Employment
Collects deposits
Prepares lease and other Addendum requirements
Inspects and reports move-in, supported by photographs

Commercial property management firms ensure proper maintenance of your assets
San Jose commercial property management companies also ensure the tenants take proper care of your asset. Before they move-in, the company conducts inspections and verifications, together with photos to offer complete security for you. After the property is occupied, the company conducts thorough inspections to find out whether the tenant is maintaining your property. Interior as well as exterior inspections are conducted for identifying any damage. A reliable company offers two inspections annually, once every six months. If you feel the need, you can request more frequent inspections.

An experienced San Jose commercial property management firm can help you with non-paying tenants
Approach a reputed San Jose commercial property management firm if there is any dispute regarding monthly payments. On the sixth of every month, the company serves notices on your behalf to delinquent tenants. These notices are for three days, by the end of which you can start tenant eviction. However, if the tenant fails to pay by the given date, a company representative contacts you for future course of action. It is always advisable to work out a solution because of the financial obligations that follow a legal proceeding like eviction. If eviction needs to be carried out, the San Jose commercial property management firm can guide you step-by-step.

If you want to avail the services of an experienced San Jose commercial property management company, Santa Clara has a number of options.

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