3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Marquette University Student Housing

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Choosing a college is an exciting time. You have so many options, and you’re finally able to make the decision that will shape your future. One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is where to live. Whether it’s for your freshman year or just after graduation, finding Marquette University housing can be daunting.

To help narrow down some of these choices for you (and save yourself from hours of research), this blog post lists tips for finding student housing near your university!

Look For Student Housing Close to Campus or Public Transportation

This is a great idea if you’re commuting to and from school via public transportation. This will cut down on your commute time and save money in the long run! If you live too far away, it can be difficult to make it to class on time.

Find Out What Amenities Are Offered at the School’s Dorms and Apartments

Are you looking for a dorm room? Do they offer laundry facilities, parking spaces, and so on? What about the apartment complexes – what are offered there? This will ensure that your chosen housing not only meets your needs but also fits within your budget.

Compare Costs to See Where You Can Save Money with a Cheaper Option

This is something to look into if you need a cheaper option – whether it’s for your freshman year or after graduation. What will be included in the cost, and are there any hidden fees? Make sure they’re comparable and within your budget!

If you’re searching for Marquette University housing visit Lark on 14th at https://larkon14.com/.

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