3 Tips for Dealing With Wet Carpet in Carlsbad

Walking on carpet only to hear a sloshing noise with each step can create immediate anxiety. What happened? Where did the water come from? Now what should you do? From the moment that you notice the problem, take action! If the wet carpet in Carlsbad is the result of a leak, turn off the water source immediately. If flooding is the problem, it is important to wait until it is safe to start taking care of the house.

Get Out the Towels

The first step is usually to get out as much of the excess water is possible. You’ll know right away if this is a possibility. If there are several inches of water on the ground, there are no amounts of bath towels that will help dry out the space. On the other hand, if there is no standing water on the carpet, it might be possible to take the towels, push them down and attempt to absorb some of the water. At the very least, it makes other steps more manageable.

Open the Windows and Turn on the Fan

With some of the water removed, there is still a concern for mold as well as other damage that standing water can create. If the weather is okay, consider opening up the windows to allow the air to flow freely through the room. You can also plug up a fan and place it near the doorway. It is important to note that it is not a good idea to place a fan on wet carpet in Carlsbad. Safety first!

Call A Professional

If there is standing water on the carpet, the first step should be to call a professional. There is a good chance that towels and open windows won’t be able to deal with the water. In some situations, even after using towels and allowing air to circulate, the carpet is still wet. If this is the case, a call to the professionals is still recommended. The risk of mold increases if the carpet remains wet for 48 hours or more. Because of the health risks and damage caused by mold, don’t take the chance. Look into wet carpet Repair at Quick Dry and rest assured that the carpet is in good hands.

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