Santa Barbara Luxury Rentals: Why They’re Perfect

When it comes to picking a place to live, the options seem endless. Most people are so enamored with a particular location that they can’t seem to get away from it. Santa Barbara is just one of those places because it gives you the feeling of community and being in an iconic area. Luxury rentals are a perfect choice because it allows you to live luxuriously and have all the creature comforts. Plus, you don’t have to deal with mortgages and other ownership woes, but still get to be in such a gorgeous place.


Most people don’t just want to live in an apartment. They want to be part of the community, which is why Santa Barbara luxury rentals are perfect. You’ll get a variety of social spaces, such as gardens and fitness centers, but will also have a pool and spa available to you. Go with a group of new friends made in the building or go by yourself to get pampered and start the relaxation process.

You’ll also find resident lounges, rooftop lounges, various courtyards and more. You’ll also find boutique retail options, so you never have to leave (unless you want to, of course).

Floor Plans/Residences

You’ll find one and two bedroom homes, as well as three bedrooms that have enough space for you to feel comfortable. Because there are only 89 units, you won’t feel cramped as with some Santa Barbara luxury rentals. The space will seem modern with large windows, big closets, and private balcony/patio, depending on the level. You’ll also get the best appliances to create a sophisticated living space.


Of course, the apartment isn’t the only thing to consider. You must be comfortable with the area and have everything you need nearby. You can travel for specialty items or special trips, but you’ll have dining and entertainment options close. For more information visit The Marc.

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