What Kind of the University of Idaho Student Housing Options Are in Moscow, ID?

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University of Idaho Student Housing

Being accepted to UOI was great, but living in the dorms was a drag, and it lasted all year. Now, you have finally been given a chance to shine, and it is time to move away from campus. University of Idaho student housing options include more amenities, space, and privacy. So, you will love how it feels to be in your apartment, totally independent.

Fully Furnished

Of course, students are stuck with limited budgets, as they are forced to study long hours. Moving into an apartment complex alone would be challenging enough already. Thankfully, your unit has been furnished with lavish style, complete with charming sofas.

Roommate Matching

Not everyone goes to college with a gaggle of friends from back home, but that does not mean you cannot have a good time. Since management partners students with like-minded people, roommate matching is a blast.

Utilities Included

Surprise bills are a thing of the past, thanks to including utilities. Each month’s payment will be the same if you do not exceed the monthly allotment.

Private Bathrooms

Living in the dorm was tough but sharing a bathroom with someone noisy was tougher. Now, that can be thought of as an age-old nightmare since you will have a private bathroom.

Pet Friendly

Please do not leave your pets at home, or they will miss you even more than your parents! Fortunately, these complexes permit pets, barring certain breed restrictions.

Contact The Grove at Moscow to learn more about their off-campus housing options.

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