3 Ways Apartments For Sale Will Help You Get More Business

by | Sep 5, 2018 | Real Estate

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It’s hard out there for an agent with a shiny new real estate license, especially in a hot market like Manhattan. Your original impulse is to – understandably – grab every listing that you possibly can in or out of the borough. Though it might seem to contradict conventional wisdom, this is something that you absolutely should not do. Concentrating your efforts on a particular neighborhood can pay off with less effort and fewer expenditures of time and resources. Let’s look at duplex penthouses in Tribeca as an example.

1. Become a Neighborhood Expert

Tribeca is a well-known neighborhood that was once a wasteland of empty industrial buildings, revived by Avant Garde artists, and is now home to celebrity lofts and the Tribeca Film Festival. Apartments for sale in this neighborhood – for example, 45 Park Place – have a high value and are likely to sell quickly and with a minimal effort compared to less well-known neighborhoods. Honing your familiarity and expertise in this neighborhood will pay big dividends when it comes to acquiring listings and impressing buyers.

2. Build Your Reputation

Yes, there’s a lot of competition to list apartments for sale in Tribeca, but concentrating your efforts to a smaller, localized area with higher home values pays off in the long run. Building your listings in these neighborhoods means that you can focus on fewer clients at a time but depend on bigger commissions. Word of mouth also gets around, and a happy client will sing your praises to others looking to buy or sell. Start your neighborhood focus and build a career in the greatest city in the world!

3. Stand Out as a Tribeca Realtor

People come to New York because it is a world-class city with opportunities and cultural resources that aren’t available everywhere. Neighborhoods here have a character and flair that can’t be repeated from block to block or borough to borough. Having a reputation for expertise in these high-value neighborhoods will help to bring in more notice and clients.

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